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With growth came challenges. StyleWest was founded as a marketing and public relations agency in 1998, but the company principals soon decided to expand into sales and distribution. The Oxnard, California, company supplies flip-flops, swimwear, and coordinated rainwear to high-fashion retailers across the United States. But while the company was making a big splash in chic circles, behind the scenes it was mired in an IT swamp. Faced with inefficiencies, multiple instances of software, and unconsolidated data, StyleWest management decided it was time to take action. “We had two goals in mind,” says the director of operations at StyleWest. “We needed a system that was professional and based on generally accepted accounting principles.”

“SAP Business One really unified StyleWest; it pulled together all our different departments and functions under one umbrella.”
Dave Sengstaken, President, StyleWest



StyleWest supplies flip-flops, swimwear and coordinated rainwear to high-fashion retailers across the U. S. The company’s existing entry-level accounting system had been overwhelmed by an ever-increasing number of users and files, causing it to slow to a crawl or simply crash. Faced with inefficiencies, incompatible software and unconsolidated data, StyleWest searched for a replacement that would consolidate the entire company on one platform, support multiple divisions and adhere to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

StyleWest management selected Softengine to implement SAP’s Business One ERP solution. Within the space of less than four weeks, Softengine had completed and tested the application and delivered user training, and the system went live two weeks later. Coordinating with Softengine, management worked to create a clear implementation outline that established minimal customization (adjustments confined to the look and feel of the sales and accounting functions) while still tailoring the software to their exact specifications.

The new SAP system and Softengine’s implementation and training exceeded expectations. Stylewest now enjoys a unified company database and improved inventory control, while providing better customer service. According to Robert Angstadt, director of operations at StyleWest, “Softengine was there to hold our hand and listen to our concerns, both from a budgetary and a customization standpoint. They were very flexible and really tried to have our best interests in mind in installing and tailoring the system to our needs.”