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Founded in 2009, Edesia is a registered 501(c)(3), nonprofit manufacturer of nutrient-rich, peanut-based, Ready-to-Use Foods (RUFs), designed to treat and prevent childhood malnutrition in developing countries worldwide. Headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island, and with a current staff of 75 employees hailing from 23 countries, Edesia produces ready-to-use therapeutic and supplementary foods — enough to improve the lives of over 800,000 malnourished children each year. The organization’s largest customers, such as US Agency for International Development (USAID), UNICEF and the World Food Programme (WFP), work globally to alleviate the humanitarian crisis of childhood malnutrition. In the five years since opening its doors, Edesia has helped treat and prevent malnutrition for over 3 million children in more than 46 countries worldwide — throughout Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and Southeast Asia.

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