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Recall Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

Recalls: An Inevitable Obstacle for Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturers have a responsibility to produce quality products that uphold consumer safety. Every manufacturing company tries to establish the highest level of quality control in their products. Even with the best design efforts and production planning, no manufacturer can be completely immune from a product recall and the resulting costs. This is especially true in subindustries like medical device products (441.3million recalls in 2019), automobiles (53million recalls in 2019), children’s products (an 11.5% increase in recalls 2018-2019), and food products. Defective products in each of these industries pose a significant threat to consumer safety and result in significant injury or even death.

A Manufacturing recall is a process of retrieving and replacing defective goods for consumers. The manufacturer absorbs the cost of replacing or repairing defective products and reimbursing customers when necessary. When not appropriately addressed, recalls can result in tarnished brand reputations, hefty legal fees, or even bankruptcy. There are currently six organizations within the US that monitor and recall manufactured goods, including the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) (1).

In this Whitepaper we address and resolve:

  1. What are the Impacts of Recalls for Midsize Manufacturers?
  2. Have a Plan to Reduce Response Time
  3. Pinpoint Costs to Minimize Losses
  4. Customer Communication to Foster Trust
  5. Realtime Lot Traceability & Regulated Batch Management
  6. Rapid Reporting for Federal Regulations

“Using lot number traceability with SAP Business One we can now trace every raw material back to a single vendor and in fact, we can perform a complete recall just by pressing one button. Before, we had to search through piles of paper to find this information, which was exasperating. Now we can find it in seconds!”
-Juan Pablo Viejo, Chief Operations Officer, Easy Foods

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