Food ERP Solution For the Food Industry

Includes inventory control, warehouse management, raw material management,
lot traceability, recall functionality

Softengine’s FoodOne Solution Is Food ERP That Optimizes Business and Compliance Processes Of The Food Industry

Softengine’s FoodOne is a special food ERP software designed for food and beverage-based businesses. Building upon SAP Business One’s industry-leading ERP solution for small-midsize and fast-growing companies, the FoodOne delivers inventory control, warehouse management, lot traceability, recall functionality and so much more.

From the initial purchase order to production to invoicing and shipping, FoodOne pulls everything together. Plus, our financial information is always up to date and accessible in real time, so we never have to wait for nightly or weekly postings.
— Roseangela Borruso, Vice President, Castle Importing Inc

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Unique Challenges of the Food ERP Industry

Key Solutions SAP Business One Leverages to Address

Food Industry Challenges:

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Product Recalls
  • Consistent Product Quality
  • Product Line Profitability
  • Management of Pricing & Trade Promotions
  • Optimized Planning & Inventory Levels
  • Customer Satisfaction & Demands from Your Channel Masters
  • Supplier Quality
  • Disconnected Information Management System – Lack of Visibility

FoodOne Features

  • Fully Automated, Real-Time Inventory Control System
  • Food Catch Weights
  • Comprehensive Warehouse Management with Mobility
  • Superior Lot Control Functionality
  • Workflow, Alert & Approval Monitor
  • Raw Materials Management
  • Hazardous Material Handling
  • Regulatory Approval & Tracking
  • Customer & Vendor Order Guides
  • Route Planning & Daily Route Management
  • Remote Sales Order Entry -Mobile


Food One Food ERP delivers traceability for every step and ingredient in a food business’s complex cycle, starting with the purchase of raw materials, and all the way through to shipping and invoicing finished products. Softengine developed a Multi-Level Trace feature, which automatically traces each step and ingredient of the entire cycle from the shipping documents received by the customer to the initial purchase order sent to the vendor. Armed with this solution, food-based businesses are able to conduct quick and precise recall practice runs and actual recalls, while maintaining total compliance with all FDA requirements. Food One enables its customers to meet rigorous requirements through data validation, including compliance with GS1 Bar Codes standards.

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SAP Business One — 2023’s Top Food ERP FoodOne offers multiple commission and rebate types. As an example, a salesperson or broker is paid a commission for each item sold based on a percentage of the sale price, or a fixed dollar amount by the case/pound. Similar options apply to rebates, where customers might earn a rebate on a per-pound or per-case basis and apply that to a future purchase or they might get their rebate in the form of a discount at the time of purchase. The parameters for commissions and rebates may be changed at any time.


Softengine augmented core functionality in SAP Business One to create Sales Order Guides and Purchase Order Guides — catalogs of items designed to streamline the ordering process between customers and vendors. When you access the Order Guides feature, you view the purchase history of any customer or your purchase history from any vendor, including the last price paid and quantity ordered for a particular item. This time-saving benefit of the Order Guides is you use information from previous orders by selecting the previously ordered items and clicking one button.

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Purchasing, receiving, storing and transporting raw materials for the production of samples can be very labor intensive. In addition to the labor cost, these tasks also increase the time it takes to replenish your materials. Softengine presents 2023’s Top Food ERP FoodOne offers top-flight raw materials management, including issuing and tracking support, potency control, catch-weight capabilities and conversion of material from one unit of measure to another.


SAP Business One by Softengine — 2023’s Top Food ERP FoodOne system identifies, stores, labels, and provides automated procedures for handling high-risk or incompatible products. FoodOne Hazardous Material Management System provides a wide range of cradle-to-grave tracking, management, and reporting capabilities for hazardous materials and hazardous waste management that allows users to manage a material before it comes into a facility, through each activity, until the waste is manifested and shipped to a treatment, storage, or disposal facility for final disposition.



Food One Food ERP will let you establish default delivery routes for each day of the week and automatically assign the delivery route to applicable sales orders. Optionally interfaces to Roadnet. This tool gives you the tools to maximize fleet and mobile resource utilization and efficiency. It enables your company to decrease costs, improve service, increase productivity and reduce the environmental impact of your fleet. Continuously create optimal routes using fewer trucks, miles, and drivers seamless mobile integration for real-time tracking, performance, compliance, etc.

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Take your business to the next level of success with Food One Food ERP

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