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Manufacturing is a competitive business from fluctuating customer demand and shrinking product life cycles, to increasing global competition and regulation compliance. Manufacturers are under pressure to increase efficiency, differentiate products, and keep up with regulatory mandates. The SAP Business One application is a Manufacturing ERP Software that provides greater control over manufacturing operations by increasing visibility into the supply chain, automating key production processes, tracking compliance, and making it easier to focus on innovation and speed to market.

Manufacturing Efficiency

Streamline Entire Manufacturing Process

Production And Planning

Track Customer Interactions & Order History Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Track Inventory Levels And Stock Movements In Real Time

Meet Regulatory Mandates

Track, Manage, And Report On Compliance With Government Mandates


SAP Business One simplifies definition and management of production, assembly, sales, and template bills of materials (BOMs). Manufacturers will store BOM numbers, descriptions, warehouses, and item compositions seamlessly, while recording per-item quantities, production issue methods, prices, and comments at each level. When you add a bill of materials to purchase, production, or sales orders, pricing and quantities are automatically recorded for both the product and its components. SAP Business One supports standard, special, and disassembly production orders. BOM can easily be entered into production orders so that item availability, warehouse location, and issue method are automatically recorded. By storing a production due date, production scheduling can be managed using alerts management in SAP Business One.

Material requirements planning (MRP) in SAP Business One allows you to plan material requirements for complex, multilevel production processes. Using the MRP wizard in SAP Business One, you can create scenarios specifying planning horizon, items, and data sources. Once defined, these scenarios can be saved and reused for subsequent planning phases. The MRP functionality will automatically generate production and purchase orders needed to manufacture a final product in the quantities and time specified by Costing methods, such as FIFO, moving average, and standard, are fully integrated. Inventory valuation and last purchase price per item are automatically updated after each transaction.

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Improves Production Scheduling To Purchasing & Logistics

Streamline the entire manufacturing process, from production scheduling to purchasing and logistics, so you can outperform the competition.

  • Manage planned losses and yields
    • Gives you a way to better identify actual production variance
    • Visibility into (process / fulfillment / product) output to better plan in order to meet demand
  • Manage multiple recipes or bill of material configurations
    • Historical Reference
    • Building new product or managing seasonal product components
    • Comparative Cost Analysis of BOMs and Recipe

Manufacturing ERP Software Streamlines Production & Planning

Manage Material Requirements For Multilevel Production Processes

Manage material requirements for multilevel production processes; create manufacturing resource planning scenarios to forecast demand and generate automatic replenishment orders to avoid production material shortages.

  • Production & Demand Planning Forecasts
    • SAP’s Intelligent Forecasting
      • Use statistical methods to analyze past data and provide estimations for demand based on historical trends. For example, seasonal peaks which recur annually lead the forecast to suggest higher demand for these periods
      • Available in SAP HANA, intelligent forecast offers users a graphical user interface to visualize the information in your specified range. These charts are a hallmark of SAP HANA and its interfaces help the user to understand information briefly while being able to manipulate the data in real-time
    • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
      • Build your production run automatically based on forecast or demand
      • Manage your inventory stock levels with purchasing recommendations timed to your preferred stock levels

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Manufacturing ERP Software Optimizes Inventory Management

Track Inventory Levels & Stock Movements

Track Inventory Levels And Stock Movements in real time to minimize out-of-stock situations, increase goods availability, and reduce inventory-carrying costs.

  • Shopfloor Data Capture
    • Real Time Inventory When Recording Your Product’s Daily Activity
      • Shipments and Receipts
      • Cycle Counting
    • Issue Materials or Report Production Completion Through Android Device or Terminal
    • Available to Promise
    • Set and Manage Warehouse Specific (Par / Minimum) Values
    • Inventory Turn Analysis

Manufacturing ERP Software Automates Regulatory Mandates

Track, Manage, And Report on Compliance With Government Mandates

Track, Manage, And Report on Compliance With Government Mandates and industry guidelines

  • Quality Control
    • Keep your products within spec by planning and performing quality checks throughout your process
    • Certificates of Analysis
  • Lot Trace & Recall Functionality
    • From receipt, to usage, to delivery; Track the movement of your (lot / batch) managed or serialized products
    • Trigger customizable recall notices, or send vendor notices when you find an issue
    • Lock down your materials across the production (process / chain) when you find an issue

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