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Food & Beverage Manufacturers Enhance Customer Service with Integrated Technology

2021 customers have more choices than ever. Read about the latest trends in customer service with Manufacturers.

The Ever-Changing Consumer

In today’s Tik Tok and Instagram era, food and beverage trends are constantly changing. Viral recipes (looking at you, TikTok feta pasta), fad diets, and more are creating an ever-changing marketplace for food and beverage companies. This is especially true in 2021, with COVID-19 shaking up consumer behavior in every industry. An astounding 85% of consumers have made changes to the way they prepare and consume food due to the COVID-19 pandemic (1). Food and beverage manufacturers need to stay on top of trends to stay competitive. Here we look at some of 2021’s food and beverage trends, and how manufacturers can prepare for them.

Convenience is King

In today’s fast-moving society, consumers want convenient food products and ways to purchase them. Grocery e-commerce, food delivery and meal kit sales have all increased due to stay-at-home orders and consumers are craving the convenience and ease of daily habits and routines they had pre-COVID. E-commerce now accounts for 10-15% of grocery spend. Food and beverage manufacturers need to incorporate technology that allows them to easily sell to consumers from multiple channels, not just in retail stores.

Consumers are also looking for conveniently packaged food products. Almost half of consumers started buying more frozen foods during the pandemic and frozen food sales climbed 17.4% (4). 39% of consumers sought out single-serving or individually wrapped products (4). Companies who could easily adapt to these shifts are able to capture huge sections of the market. Visibility into your existing and previous customer data provides actionable insights that allow you to see what your customers are shopping for. Access to sales history, and order trends gives manufacturers the edge they need to shift production to match changing consumer preferences.

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“After just a few days training our department heads and superusers, Softengine had nearly three-quarters of our employees — across sales, finance, customer service, purchasing, shipping and logistics — using the application. “

– Balaji Raghunathan, VP of operations for Rapid Conn Inc. in the United States

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