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Customer Service Manufacturers Most Powerful Differentiator

Manufacturers Enhance Customer Service with Integrated Technology

2021 customers have more choices than ever. Read about the latest trends in customer service with Manufacturers.

2021’s consumers have more choices than ever. With the growth of e-commerce, omnichannel purchasing options, and marketplace globalization, manufacturers face more competition than ever before. Companies need to identify ways to stand out from the crowd to retain existing customers and attract new ones. Quality customer service may be the magic bullet.

The repercussions of negative customer service are also significant. 48% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company, and 89% of consumers switch to another brand after a single negative experience (1). These damages profit greatly since increasing customer retention rates by just 5% can increase profits between 25-95% (2). Additionally, 81% of customers will share a bad experience with others, and nearly half will air their complaints on social media for all to see (1). This means that poor customer care not only leads to fewer return customers but fewer new customers as well!



“After just a few days training our department heads and superusers, Softengine had nearly three-quarters of our employees — across sales, finance, customer service, purchasing, shipping and logistics — using the application. “

– Balaji Raghunathan, VP of operations for Rapid Conn Inc. in the United States

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