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Food Companies Move Toward Environmental & Economical Model

Food Waste Hurts the Environment and the Economy.

Learn How Small and Growing Food Companies Move Toward

An Environmental and Economical Model

Food Manufacturers Use SAP Business OneFood Waste In America is a HUGE problem and as Food Manufactures you may realize it makes economic and environmental sense to become part of the Food Waste Solution. In US households, an average of 150,000 tons of food is thrown out each day. That equates to about one pound of food per person (1)! As the global leader in food waste, the United States discards a staggering 40% of food, reaching nearly 40 million tons (a whopping 80 billion pounds) of wasted food each year (2). This is especially appalling when you consider the fact that 54 million people (18 million of which are children) are facing food insecurity (3) and the Food and Agriculture Association estimates that with the global population set to grow 30% by 2050, food production will need to increase by 60% from 2005 to 2050 (1). Just a 25% reduction in food waste can feed all the world’s hungry (1)!

These astonishing figures serve as a major wake-up call to our own sustainability practices, but perhaps even more surprising is the fact that the bulk of food discarded does not even reach consumers. Food waste occurs at every stage of the distribution chain, from agricultural harvesting to processing, to packaging, to retail, to in consumer households. It is estimated that 75% of the world’s food waste occurs at the production level, prior to reaching retail stores and consumers (4). And the food is wasted in every sub-industry! Approximately 38% of grain products, 50% of seafood, 52% of fruits and vegetables, 22% of meat, and 20% of milk are lost (3). Become a part of the solution and not the problem with this Food Waste Solution today.

So how do we come up with a Food Waste Solution?

  1. Know The Impacts of Food Waste
  2. Identify The Areas Your Company Wastes
  3. Understand Your Customer
  4. Optimize Your Inventory Management
  5. Enhance Production Visibility to Ensure Quality
  6. Repurpose and Recycle Waste Products




“ReNu Medical, Inc. is an environmentally safe and sustainable medical device reprocessor, delivering the most cost-saving, environmentally beneficial ‘green’ reprocessing programs to hospitals and healthcare facilities nationwide while maintaining the highest quality and safety standards. With SAP Business One we found a streamlined, more environmentally responsible solution that was in alignment with our core  values as a company — one that would support our green business model and create production efficiencies, capture strategic data points and expedite the turnaround time of reprocessed medical devices for our customers.”
– Amy Long, Director, ReNu Medical

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