Inventory, Ordering and Accounting Processes Suffer with Outdated Business Systems

Integrated Magento eCommerce and SAP Business One Provide Perfect Fit for Growing Apparel Company

Inventory, Ordering and Accounting Processes Suffer with Outdated Business Systems

According to Kavio! COO, Lisa Tran, “Our staff resorted to a cumbersome copy-and-paste  approach when entering data in one system and then reentering that data in another. For  example, since we couldn’t open multiple windows at one time, we had to exit an invoice screen in order to open an inventory screen. Also, it was not unusual for the whole system to freeze, causing data corruption issues that caused downtime and required immediate attention. Reports were limited, leaving our management team with few tools to accurately analyze our business. Our numbers were in a constant state of flux and it took hours to reconcile data from the disconnected business systems.”

Kavio!’s eCommerce program was slow and unreliable and there was very limited integration with their antiquated apparel software program. Customers attempting to place orders online faced hours-long waits to complete the process. “Knowing that our customers want the ability to place orders quickly, we knew the time had come to upgrade the online customer experience or risk losing them,” said Tran. Inventory tracking was increasingly compromised by all the manual processes. Staff used a manual hand count of their inventory in the warehouse and then entered that number into an Excel spreadsheet. Plus, the system wasn’t able to generate warnings or alerts to prevent against insufficient inventory to fill orders or customers exceeding their credit limits.

“Thank you Softengine! Our new eCommerce solution is really impressive and our customers are delighted with our new website!”

— Lisa Tran, COO, Kavio!

Apparel Manufacturer Updates Inventory, Ordering and Accounting Processes From Outdated Business Systems



Lack of integration among connected business processes is a tough obstacle to overcome when a company is striving to successfully manage its operations. Inefficiencies run rampant and there is a greater risk of inaccurate information due to manual, redundant data entry in disconnected systems. This is precisely the challenge that Kavio! (a manufacturer and distributor of the Kavio! brand of basic to fashion apparel for the printing, decorating and promotional markets) faced before taking corrective action.

With Softengine’s guidance, Kavio! decided on a multi-phase implementation of the new system. In the first phase, the Softengine team focused on the installation of SAP Business One and the integration of Softengine’s SAP Business One — Fashion One extension, a B2C and B2B product that incorporates a wealth of knowledge and expertise learned over decades of experience in the apparel industry.  During the second phase of the implementation, Softengine completed integration to the Magento eCommerce solution and to the FedEx and UPS WorldShip® shipping system.  Softengine offers bi-directional, real-time integration of Magento eCommerce with SAP Business One — Fashion One, enabling Kavio! personnel to manage all their data in one place, with complete Web synchronization. With their system completely integrated, Kavio! staff never have to re-enter customers, inventory, sales orders, payments or current pricing.

Lisa Tran is quite enthusiastic when talking about all the benefits that have accrued from Softengine’s expert implementation of Kavio!’s new online ordering solution and the positive response it has received from customers.

“Thank you Softengine! Our new eCommerce is very impressive and our customers are delighted with our new website!.  Our new eCommerce system has dramatically improved our customers’ online shopping experience.”