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Manufacturing Audit Solutions

Manufacturing Audit Solutions

Every business is subject to various types of audits. The manufacturing industry is no exception and often needs to conduct more audits than other industries to comply with safety and product regulations. Without the tools to easily pull financial, inventory, and process-related data, audits can become time-consuming, error-prone, and expensive. Technology that integrates all your business data allows you to simplify your internal audit process and better prepare for external audits.

A manufacturing audit is an examination of an existing system, product, organization, or process. Audits can be conducted internally (by someone within or hired by the company) or externally (by a separate entity like the IRS). There are several types of audits in the manufacturing industry; some of the most  common include:

  • Financial audits are investigations of an organization’s financial reports’ accuracy, comparing financial statements to real data.
    • Tax audits are a type of financial audit used to ensure that an organization reports its tax information accurately.
  • Operational audits are detailed analyses of company goals, planning, processes, procedures, and results. These types of audits are typically conducted to identify areas for improvement.
    • Process audits are a type of operational audit that determines if a particular manufacturing process is working as it is intended to and how it can run better.
  • Product audits are conducted after production, but before a manufactured good reaches a customer, it is another way to assure optimum quality.
  • Compliance audits examine a business or department’s policies and procedures to make sure they comply with internal or regulatory standards. This is especially important for manufacturing companies with strict regulations like aerospace or medical devices.


Manufacturing Recall Solutions:

“FDA regulatory standards require traceability, which includes not only the components and finished goods, but the ability to audit the entire process from cradle to grave. SAP Business One facilitates all of this, giving us the visibility we need to achieve our rigorous QA standards and meet all FDA guidelines.”

– Justin Ku, Administration & Operations Coordinator, Swabplus

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