WEBINAR: Vendor Tiered Pricing

  • On October 13, 2020
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Buy Your Materials From Vendors Offering Discounts For Quantity Across Multiple Items

Many vendors are offering discounts that have many layers and intricacies to maximize profitability while offering the customer the best purchase price and ultimately – closing the deal. ERP’s are having to keep up with their functionality to accommodate the ever-changing rules of the game!

Imagine an ERP solution that allows you to create a multitude of different price lists for items. This gives you the flexibility to be able to offer many layers of pricing and discounting to different business partners, business partner groups, and payment terms.

Softengine has created a solution that derives item prices from a price list that is linked to a business partner along with additional rules and configurations, you can apply specific price lists, period and volume discounts, discount groups and special prices for business partners.

Whilst the solution is quite robust with multiple layers to capture different scenarios, the relationship between pricing and items is a one-to-one relationship – meaning, when applying a special price to a business partner, or applying a volume discount, it is for the ONE item for the ONE business partner.

These vendors we are talking about are offering volume discounts that extend beyond the single item and offer a discount structure over multiple items and potentially with various tiers.

Watch Softengine’s Tiered Pricing Webinar



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