Ethical Organic Coffee Company Moves Their MultiChannel Organization to SAP Business One

Leveraging Softengine’s Tools, Groundworks Coffee Provides B2B Ordering Transparency and Farm-to-Table Supply Chain Visibility


  • Name: Groundwork Coffee
  • Location: North Hollywood, CA
  • Industry: Coffee Roasting and Distribution
  • Products: Organic Fairly Traded Coffee & Tea
  • Website:
  • ERP: SAP Business One
  • SAP Industry Extension Solution: Softengine Coffee One & B2B Portal

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JEFF CHEAN, CO-FOUNDER: As much a coffee company I sort of think we’re storytellers because every coffee has a story. So you can get flavors from all over, but the people are for me one of the most important ingredients of our recipe. It’s such so moving sometimes to be with them and see how much they’re sacrificing and building into building their farms and these amazing coffees. We want to make sure they get paid right.

EDDY COLA, CEO: Groundwork is committed to the community. We’ve also done projects where we’ve set up a microloan program in Colombia to support women farmers. We’re working with our communities both in origin and locally.

JEFF CHEAN, CO-FOUNDER: When I go to origin one of the things I look for is the beautiful coffees to intercept them before they get mixed in with the rest of the coffees that may be not so beautiful. So this is a coffee that Groundwork might want.

EDDY COLA, CEO: Groundwork coffee is an organic coffee company we’re a multi-channel coffee roaster and cold brew brewing company. We operate in four channels: eCommerce, brick-and-mortar cafes, foodservice restaurants hotels cafes, and grocery. We’ve grown sevenfold in the last eight years and today we have 260 employees.

EVAN DOHRMAN, COO: Being part of Softengine’s program working with Coffee One SAP one of the things we’re working on is a new B2B platform. From a consultant like Softengine, it’s really important that they understand our business not just the system like SAP Business One. In understanding our business they can help us understand how to effectively implement SAP Business One to work specifically for our needs.

JEFF CHEAN, CO-FOUNDER: Being able to you know create the sort of if the information we need to make projections it’s critical, and SAP has got a long way towards helping us do that.

EVAN DOHRMAN, COO: The way we’re enacting traceability not just to the products we create, but also to the materials that we use to package those products. Being able to actually create invoices on the fly and have accurate inventory relative to what’s in our vans has been extremely beneficial for us as a company. Softengine has been helpful in helping us advance the quality of our user experience over time. So not everything we’re doing is just about improving our experience and our quality of work, but also trying to improve that for the customer. To be able to deliver the highest quality coffee available on the entire planet without compromising our values relative to sustainability. We want to invite everybody who loves coffee to come along with us.