QuietCool Manufacturing

Quietcool Manufacturing Manages Operations With SAP Business One®.

Quietcool Expends Less Energy Managing Operations With Softengine & SAP Business One®

SAP Business One integrates finance, sales, tracking, shipping and CRM all in one

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QuietCool specializes in whole house fans that dramatically reduce the energy cost of air conditioning. Since implementing their manufacturing company with SAP Business One, the business has been able to apply best practice to inventory cycle counts in a high-production environment, as well as benefiting from a single, integrated solution to run its entire operations, and the ability to monitor the performance of each channel in real-time. With streamlined processes, the company has been able to stay lean despite explosive year-on-year growth since 2012.

Quietcool Manufacturing

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  • BUSINESS PROCESSES – Lack of clarity on business processes and departmental interactions
  • TRANSACTION VALIDATION – No validation in place to prevent incorrect transactions from being posted
  • ACCOUNTING – Accounting setup was not fully understood or complete in some areas
  • FIXED ASSET AND REPORTING – Sales Reports and Fixed Assets not in place
  • HIGH GROWTH – Experiencing up to 64% growth YOY since 2012 as California’s environmental regulations require every home within specific zones to have an advanced whole house system fitted for energy efficiency
  • STREAMLINED INTEGRATION – SAP Business One integrates finance, sales, tracking, shipping and CRM all in one package
  • 3 PARTY INTEGRATION CAPABILITY –  Integrates easily with third-party applications to meet highly specific business needs
  • EXPERIENCED PARTNER – Softengine is experienced in SAP Business One, understood the business and provides peace of mind with support available at a moment’s notice
  • Best practices implemented in each department, enabling standardization across the entire company Fixed Assets utilized in SAP
  • Sales Reports created and now used by all Sales team for more accurate and timely reporting
  • Gives QuietCool the ability to streamline processes and remain lean
  • Access to real-time information and automation will support further growth


  • Name: QuietCool Manufacturing
  • Location: Temecula, California
  • Industry: Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
  • Products/Services: QuietCool whole house fan systems, QuietCool Attic Fans.
  • Website: quietcoolsystems.com
  • ERP: SAP Business One