Cut Room and Cut Line
ERP Solutions for the Seafood Industry

Allocate a scale and a label printer and cut from a base product such as a fish, or an animal to make a steak or fillet with full traceability, by-product management, yield analysis and shift accounting built directly into the core.

Softengine Cut Room and Cut Line

Seafood Industry Specific Business Software to Streamline Processes with Ease

Building upon SAP Business One’s industry-leading ERP solution for small- to mid-sized, fast-growing companies, Softengine’s Cut Room and Cut Line are revolutionary ERP software designed specifically for the seafood industry.

Plan and prioritize your shift, integrate with your scale and label printer, monitor real-time progress, print customer specific GS1 labels, and easily take receipt of finished product on your production line. With full traceability, by-product management, yield analysis and shift accounting built directly into the core.

Simplify your production process, increase productivity, and maintain full traceability. Whether you’re in the meat, seafood, deli, or manufacturing industry, our solutions are designed to enhance your operations.

Get started today and transform the way you produce with Softengine.

Seafood Softengine Web

Seafood Softengine Web

  • Simplifies the process of preparing finished cuts for various industries such as meat and fish cutting, deli operations, and manufacturing.
  • Provides a user-friendly interface where you can select the desired finished product and the corresponding raw material to begin cutting.
  • Seamlessly connects to a digital scale and a ZPL label printer via PrintNode. This integration enables you to accurately weigh out the raw material and print GS1 labels for the recorded finished products.
  • Ensures proper inventory tracking and compliance with labeling standards.
  • Enhances product identification, traceability, and compliance with labeling requirements.
  • Handles the entire SAP Business One Document creation process, eliminating the need to manually log into SAP.
  • Automatically generates work orders, issues components based on your recipe (integrated with Softengine recipe manager), and receives newly created goods, ensuring comprehensive traceability and efficient inventory management.
  • Allows you to weigh out any remaining base material if you have a baseline yield target or industry standard.
  • This evaluation helps you assess how your production compares to the target conversion.
  • If your production exceeds expectations, any unused base material is automatically received back into inventory, maintaining accurate stock levels.
  • Your organization achieves full traceability of your production processes.
  • The system creates a link between transactions, capturing information about the raw material, cutting process, and finished products.
  • This comprehensive traceability ensures quality control and compliance with industry regulations.
  • Streamlines production processes with the intuitive interface and automated features, saving time and effort.
  • With the ability to select items, manage recipes, and track inventory seamlessly, users can focus on their core tasks without the need for complex manual data entry or repetitive administrative work.
  • Provides real-time monitoring of production progress.
  • Users can track the status of each task or order, ensuring transparency and visibility throughout the production line.
  • This allows for better coordination and the ability to address any bottlenecks or issues promptly.

Cut Room

Are you a meat or fish cutter, or a deli operative looking for a way to easily weigh prepare your finished cuts for your customer?

Maybe you are cutting a filet mignon from the tenderloin or cutting a fillet from fish.

Maybe you are slicing cold cuts or cheese to order.

You might even be in a manufacturing industry producing one off items.

In any of these cases and a plethora of more, Softengine Cut Room is a state the art solution to help accurately manage your specified production processes.

Softengine’s Cut Room facilitates ad-hoc production runs:

  • Simply select your finished product from a list of production items (the target).
  • Select your raw material (the base), and start your cutting.
  • Production room connects to a scale and a label printer via PrintNode and allows for easy weigh out, and GS1 label printing to record finished products.


Cut Room handles the entire SAP Business One Document creation process and creates the underlying work orders to transact against, auto issues components based on your recipe (integrated with Softengine recipe manager) and takes receipt of newly created goods linking together the transactions and maintaining full traceability without needing to even log into SAP.


Also, if you are cutting to a baseline yield target or industry standard yield, then Cut Room provides the ability to weigh out any remaining base material to evaluate how your production compares to your target conversion. Cut Room automatically receives back into inventory any base material that was not used in the production if your production run exceeds cutting expectations.

Cut Line

Plan and prioritize your shift, integrate with your scale and label printer, monitor real-time progress, print customer specific GS1 labels, and easily take receipt of finished product on your production line.


Full traceability: With Cut Line’s advanced tracking capabilities, you can easily trace the journey of your raw materials, monitor the various processes involved, and track the transformation of ingredients into finished products. This level of traceability ensures transparency and enables you to meet regulatory requirements, maintain quality control, and quickly address any potential issues or recalls.


By-product management: Efficient by-product management is essential for optimizing resource utilization and reducing waste. Cut Line offers robust features to help you effectively manage and utilize by-products generated during the production process. Whether it’s extracting valuable components, repurposing leftovers, or determining appropriate disposal methods, the system enables you to track and manage by-products in a streamlined manner. By maximizing the utilization of by-products, you can enhance cost-efficiency and sustainability within your operations.


Yield analysis: Cut Line’s yield analysis capabilities provide insights into the conversion rate of raw materials into finished products. By comparing actual yields against targets or industry standards, you can identify areas for improvement, adjust production processes, and enhance overall efficiency. With real-time data and intuitive visualizations, you can make informed decisions to minimize waste, optimize yields, and improve profitability.


Shift accounting: Accurate shift accounting is vital for monitoring productivity, tracking costs, and ensuring smooth operations. Cut Line simplifies shift accounting by integrating seamlessly with your production line and capturing real-time data. The system tracks and records key metrics such as production volume, labor hours, machine utilization, and material usage for each shift. With these shift accounting capabilities, you can enhance operational visibility, improve cost control, and optimize workforce utilization.


All of these features designed specifically to solve the pain points of the seafood, deli, and butcher industries are built directly into the core of our Softengine Cut Line solution!

Seafood ERP Solves the Industry Specific Challenges and Pain Points with our Tailor-Made Features and Functionality

Go in-depth with one of the developers himself and learn just how revolutionary, efficient, and beneficial our Softengine Cut Room and Cut Line Solutions are for the seafood, meat, and deli industries!!

At Softengine we have an ongoing commitment to our customers’ success. We understand the critical role that our solutions play in the success of our customers’ business. We thrive on solving even the toughest business challenges with solutions that benefit our customers in ways that our competitors cannot. And if you own a food business, check out our Food ERP solutions.

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