Warehouse Management System+



This Solution Operates on Handheld Enabled Touch Screens While Integrating Warehouse Inventory and Production Processors in Realtime to SAP Business One.

ISSUE: The Recurring Inventory Nightmare

Does inventory tracking keep you up at night? Is your company mired in tedious, manual cycle counts and exasperating treasure hunts to locate specific items amidst a sea of bins?

Does your staff have to endure tedious, manual data entry day after day? Do you find that your current system is inefficient and way too susceptible to input errors?

SOLUTION — Softengine’s WMS+

If these experiences sound familiar, you’re going to love Softengine’s Warehouse Management System (WMS+) for SAP Business One. Working together, WMS+ and SAP Business One deliver a robust, proven real-time inventory tracking system that you can manage from a handheld device.

SAP Business One transparently integrates inventory and accounting transactions, while facilitating standard warehouse procedures such as receiving, shipping, inventory transfers, picking and packing. Softengine’s WMS+ augments SAP Business One with additional capabilities that enable the system to conform to the way you do business. Features include built-in scale integration, Direct Store Delivery (DSD) functionality, production processing, ability to print custom labels, accept payments and capture signatures on the fly and so much more.

With WMS+ running on your mobile device, you can scan all the information you need to manage your inventory at optimal accuracy and efficiency. No more wasted time entering data manually and no more nasty mistakes that throw off your inventory counts. Take out a couple of minutes and have a look at Food ERP too.

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Track inventory in real time though each stage of the inventory life cycle.

Operated on a handheld barcode enabled touch screen device running Googles Android Operating System supporting a wide range of compatible devices.

Facilitates printing barcode labels for goods inwards and receipts from production.

Uses barcodes to apply lot-controlled quantities of inventory to SAP Business One documents and transactions including:

  • Issuing inventory to a Delivery Note from Base Sales Documents.
  • Issuing received inventory to a Goods Received PO from Base Purchasing Documents.
  • Issuing inventory to A/R Invoices on a Delivery Route.
  • Issuing inventory to Pick Lists.
  • Issuing inventory to Production Orders.
  • Issuing inventory to Inventory Transfers / Bin Locations.
  • Issuing inventory to Counting Orders.
  • Creating Production Receipts.

Designed exclusively for SAP Business One (HANA & SQL Editions).

Features Customizable Menus for each user and specific function.

Supports Direct to Store Delivery (DSD) by managing drivers, vehicles, and delivery routes including:

  • Route planning.
  • Creating A/R Invoice on delivery from Base Sales Documents.
  • Creating A/R Invoices for any on demand orders.
  • Take and track payments (Cash, Check, Money Order).
  • Creates Incoming Payment.
  • Capture signatures.
  • Print receipt paperwork.

Supports barcode scanning of base document number and filters for easy document retrieval.

Supports printing of crystal report layouts:

  • Shipping paperwork such as a bill of lading to present at time of shipment.
  • Quality control paperwork for completing quality control on inbound goods.
  • Picking complete paperwork for describing any orders consolidated in the picking process.

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  • Receiving of goods inwards.

Using the handheld device a user can see what documents are due to arrive, record good receipts in SAP Business One from these base documents, and print barcode labels recording box quantities, lot numbers, and expiration dates to affix to items in real time. Users can also print quality control documentation directly from the device.

  • Putting away inventory into warehouse locations.

Using inventory and bin location barcodes a user can quickly scan inventory units from the receiving location to the destination bin location in real time aiding in the putting away of received goods.

  • Transferring inventory to staging areas for quality control, packaging, or production.

Using inventory and bin location barcodes a user can quickly scan inventory units from location to location in real time.

  • Picking and packing inventory.

Easily delegate pick lists and allow the picking team to scan quantities into packages ready for dispatch or into staging areas for production. Softengine mobile presents to the user which bin location the item is located, the designated batch number assigned to the order, and the quantities required. A “To Pick” counter decrements every time the inventory unit is scanned reducing human error and helping to ensure the correct batch is picked reducing expiration date errors.

  • Shipments of goods outwards.

Using the handheld device a user can process shipping documents directly from a sales document, or a pick list. Again, a user can pack goods into packages in a similar way to the picking and packing feature and print the bill of lading, all directly from the device.

  • Issuing raw materials to a production process.

Goods can easily be scanned and issued into a production process, recording the batch number of raw ingredients for traceability.

  • Maintaining receipts of produced items from the production process.

Similar to the receiving of good inwards process a user can issue production receipts directly from the handheld device. Barcode labels can be printed in real time recording box quantities, lot numbers, and expiration dates to affix to newly produced items. Aiding in the storage, tracking, and retrieval of produced inventory items.

  • Selling Goods via DSD (Direct Store Delivery):
    • Deliver and invoice goods.
    • Create on demand invoices
    • Taking payments.
    • Capturing signatures on invoices.
    • Printing of receipts
  • Branch Support
  • Improved UI to Support 480 x 800 Screen Resolution and Prevent Text Overlap
  • Ability to Capture New Batch Attributes:

    • Manufacturing Date

    • Expiration Date

  • Ability to Create Templates to Autofill Batch Attributes:

    • Batch Template (Unique to Document Number)

    • Manufacturing Date

    • Expiration Date



      • Digital display of Base Documents eliminating paper.
      • Barcode printing aids in the storage, tracking, and retrieval of your inventory items internally and throughout the forward supply chain.
      • Barcode scanning ensures accurate input of inventory items to documents and transactions. One scan in Softengine Warehouse Management System  (WMS+) automatically records the packaging quantity, batch number*, and expiration date* of inventory units reducing human errors.
      • Barcode scanning ensures accurate input of warehouse locations. Scanning an origin and destination bin location barcode ensures inventory is being accurately stored and retrieved reducing human errors.
      • Touch screen navigation allows for ease of navigation and manual user input throughout the user interface.

*Barcode must adhere to GS1-128 barcoding specification to support this feature.

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