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QuickBooks help people in the startup phases of their business. As one of the first accounting software and least expensive it became very simple to see how QuickBooks is the small business accounting software of choice, but what comes next? As a business grows it becomes clear more robust accounting software is required, and management begin to review other commercial software tools to help their people in calculations and automation. These tools benefit the rapidly growing and midsized companies to manage their finance and economic matters.

SAP Business One is a complete management software. It offers incredible features such as: sales pipeline analysis, track customer and vendor profiles, maintain contact information, track account balances, and so much more leaving QuickBooks users wondering if it is time to shift to SAP Business One from QuickBooks.

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QuickBooks is the first preference for all small businesses; however, with many growing businesses they realize the limitations and manual efforts are difficult to scale and shift to SAP Business One to manage daily reporting. With the growth of their customers, businesses require more database scalability, which is limited in QuickBooks. The software gets slower with data growth.

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Every small business owner starts with less investment but requires more features with time. While QuickBooks is a good option for finance management, it can lack in its features. Therefore, the medium businesses and growing business shift to SAP Business One. The software provides multiple functionalities, helping natural growth and finance management. SAP Business One features user-programmable alerts, workflows, and unique functions for management by exception to create an end-to-end solution for complete visibility, tracking, management, control, and analytic reporting of all key enterprise drivers.

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For growing companies, the stock is the dominant feature. QuickBooks offers limited inventory to the customers, which handles average costs and tracking. Thus, to meet the business requirements, customers shift to SAP Business One to maintain cost-effective production, optimize inventory levels, and improve on-time delivery with the ability to track and record all stock movement.

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QuickBooks’ custom reporting tool is very involved for the average users. Therefore, companies prefer to change on smoothly operating devices timely and accurate reports based on critical company data across financials, sales, customers, inventory, service, production, and operations. SAP Business One provides great custom reports, charts, and dashboards.


With the expansion of the market, the companies require to assign different roles to specific users. QuickBooks tool fails to provide role-based options. All users from the company have access to all data. Thus, to improve privacy and confidentiality, companies shift to SAP Business One. The purpose of this upgrading is to have access to role-based user options and improve security.

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QuickBooks does not provide the audit trail, which means users can change the numbers anytime. To avoid vulnerability and fraud, businesses shift to SAP Business One. Upgraded software provides amazing audit features with GAAP compliant. In this way, it brings significant advantages for the companies. Through implementation of SAP Business One controls are put in place through its security and change log functionality. This allows the system and accounting auditors to audit a system, and if they are looking for the ability to separate functions of individuals and track changes SAP Business One does this easily.


QuickBooks is very limited in its features and does not have a direct integration for Microsoft. The latest version of SAP Business One now offers direct Microsoft 365 integration. Features include: export documents, reports and queries to Microsoft OneDrive as Word or Excel files, and view them online. You can also design your own export templates. It makes it easier to access the Microsoft Outlook, Word, and Excel and manipulate data. In this way, the owners can edit and share emails with other shareholders.

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The best feature of the SAP Business One is account number segmentation, which is missing in QuickBooks. You define account segmentation when you create a new company. Once accounts have been created, you will not be able to change back. The benefits for customer success help drives your strategies for growth, your customer journey mapping, the investment both financially and time-based in each customer. Tailoring your approaches to each customer’s needs helps them succeed, which in turn helps your business grow.


For most growing businesses, the first thought of the move off QuickBooks is, “how much is this going to cost more than QuickBooks?” Many companies first search is the pricing and you can go to our SAP Business One Pricing for more information. The most common competitor for SMB ERP would be NetSuite. While it can be true, they have a lower entry point with its subscription-based model, it’s SAP Business One Cloud that contains the lower total cost of ownership.

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How to move off QuickBooks

With these fantastic features, SAP Business One becomes the preference for all growing small and medium sized businesses. Everyone desires to have more with the same spending; the same is the case with the QuickBooks and SAP Business One. Companies upgrade to the other systems because they desire more efficient features with multiple operations. Start a conversation with Softengine today to learn more about how our “client first” mentality has served our customers for over 20 years, and we are here to help you streamline your business as well. Also check out our other products like
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