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SAP Business One Overview For The CEO

Artificial intelligence, the internet of things, smart devices…new technologies are being developed each day. In a world where advancements happen so quickly, businesses who are taking advantage of cutting-edge automation are skyrocketing above the competition. Are you keeping up?

Modern day CEOs need to be proactive rather than responsive. To run a successful business and stay ahead of the curve, you need to make effective decisions based on accurate information and forecasting, rather than responding to problems as they come up.

With constantly increasing expectations from consumers and a digital marketplace expanding the competition, CEOs of small and midsize business are turning to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to help them make better management decisions. A robust ERP system integrates every aspect of the business under one umbrella, so you have a complete picture of business operations at any given point in time.

SAP Business One is a single, integrated solution designed to grow with your business. It provides clear visibility and control across all your company operations, capturing all critical business information for immediate access and use company-wide.

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SAP Business One empowers your employees to make confident decisions faster by capturing all critical information across sales, customers, operations, and finance – making it instantly available company-wide. Real-time updates across all lines of business and customizable reporting allows you to make smart business decisions fast. You can even use your mobile device for instant approvals, updates and alerts.

La Tourangelle can now see all details of their sales and production orders at the click of a button, allowing them to make swift, strategic decisions

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With real-time updates to your inventory, your team knows exactly how much of what you have and where at any given moment. This reduces waste, expired goods, out-of-stock situations, and time-consuming inventory tracking. Raw materials can be automatically allocated to production and purchase orders can be automated based on demand forecasts, meaning your team can plan and schedule production with maximum cost-effectiveness.

Trudeau Food Distribution reduced inventory by 25%, resulting in millions of cost savings


Manual data reconciliation and disjointed business processes can lead to costly human error. Eliminate the guesswork with real-time, accurate updates across your entire business. In-memory computing within SAP Business One ensures your data is always precise and up-to-date. Data is instantly and accurately incorporated across your business. Now your team can stop spending countless hours on manual data entry and reconciliation, freeing up valuable time to focus on revenue-generating activity.

Rapid Conn Group of Companies saw 96% increase in inventory accuracy, leading to $30,000 in annual savings

Easy Foods cut their planning time in half and eliminated costly reporting mistakes

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Looking to create a spark and rejuvenate your employees? Consolidate tedious, time-consuming tasks with technology that increases automation, so your team can spend less time on mundane work and more time on projects that drive growth and innovation. Rather than spending countless hours in spreadsheets working on manual data reconciliation or tracking down elusive inventory, your team can focus on increasing sales and maximizing operational efficiency.

BedStu grew 20% without adding any additional staff


Multiple, disparate systems lead to friction and lack of visibility, creating knowledge gaps and silos within your organization. With all information inputted into one system, you have total transparency across all lines of business. Seamlessly integrate operations with your financial reports, so all your key stakeholders have access to the same accurate information. With the elimination of silos and data mismatch, your organization can work together as a cohesive team.

Winplus cut data consolidation processes by 66%, achieving global transparency across their organization

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In today’s digital age, consumers have more choices than ever, and they expect a seamless customer-experience. On-time delivery, the right level of inventory to meet demand, and consistent quality are all essential to keep customers happy and boost sales. This requires full visibility into the production and sales process, from the time an order and raw materials come in to the time a product is delivered and signed for. SAP Business One allows you to view all this information and more from your handheld device, so your team can make sure they are meeting customer needs. Furthermore, the Customer Portal makes it quick and easy for your customers to place their orders.

ReNu Medical completed two consecutive record-breaking sales months thanks to increased visibility into their entire process from beginning to end


As your business grows, you can customize and extend SAP Business One to meet your evolving needs. The flexibility to run on multiple server platforms, support for 28 languages and 44 country-specific versions (including a combination of country versions and built-in currency conversions), and powerful, robust capabilities make it the perfect ERP to scale with you.

Franklin Valve was able to quickly and accurately track parts, bins, and inventory, allowing them to experience over 900% growth in a single year

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You are an innovative leader at a rapidly growing company in the digital age. Don’t just maintain the status quo, take your business to the next level with a solution that is designed to grow with you! Whether it’s scaling up or down or reevaluating goals to keep your company operating profitably, SAP Business One will help you achieve optimal efficiency.