Operation Leaders Choose SAP Business One

Increase Efficiency, Maintain Highest Standard of Quality, & Ambitious Production Schedules

SAP Business One Overview For The COO

2020 presents a new, digital age for small and midsize businesses. With the rapid advancement of technology, companies need to constantly evolve to remain competitive. Fluctuating customer demand, shrinking product life cycles, increased regulatory compliance, and a greater pool of competition thanks to digital selling models are all factors that operations leaders need to consider.

Chief Operating Officers where a multitude of hats, since they are responsible for all areas of operations within an organization. Modern day COOs are under pressure to increase efficiency, differentiate products by maintaining the highest standard of quality, and keep up with ambitious production schedules. Faster business cycles result in the need for faster production and shipping schedules, increased plant automation, and constant supplier and cost analysis.

With so many moving pieces affecting production and demand, you need access to real-time data and accurate reports and forecasting. A robust ERP system like SAP Business One gives you a complete picture of all your business operations in a single system, allowing you to keep up in an ever-changing marketplace. Now you can have greater control over company operations by increasing visibility into the supply chain, automating key production processes, tracking compliance, and making it easier to focus on innovation and speed to market.


SAP Business One is specifically designed to grow with developing businesses, so you have all the tools you need to streamline your manufacturing operations and drive growth, at a rate that makes sense for you. Here are a few reasons why COOs rely on SAP Business One to help them make key business decisions:

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Effective inventory management is essential to the success of any manufacturing business. A real-time, accurate view of your inventory is imperative to fill customer orders on time, reduce waste and manage costs. SAP Business One allows you to reduce overproduction, decrease operating costs, and speed the flow of data to provide an accurate picture of available inventory at any given time. With up-to-date, precise data on your inventory and raw materials, you can reduce waste due to expired ingredients and eliminate delayed shipment or out-of-stock situations. Now you can always have the optimal amount of inventory available to meet customer expectations with on-time delivery.

Rapid Conn Group of Companies saw 96% increase in inventory accuracy, leading to $30,000 in annual savings

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As companies grow and production ramps up, keeping COGs down and maintaining quality is top of mind for COOs. You might be expanding your product line, doubling your product output to meet demand, handling more raw materials, or, most likely, all of the above. Integrated systems provide a centralized view and complete tracking of each stage of the production process. See exactly when, where, and how your products are being developed, even down to where each raw material was sourced.

Trudeau Food Distribution reduced inventory by 25%, resulting in millions of cost savings


Quality assurance and quality control in manufacturing saves time, money, and resources while ensuring the final product is of the highest quality. These two processes normally require a lot of manpower and labor hours but can be automated through SAP Business One. Full traceability into every aspect of the production cycle allows for simplified audits and better quality assurance. A comprehensive QA model, based on industry best practices, helps companies streamline their QA processes, reduce related costs, and shorten cycle times.

SwabPlus meets stringent FDA quality standards and regulations by auditing the production process “From Cradle To Grave”

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Supply chains can become increasingly difficult to manage as production increases. With a robust ERP system, operation managers can instantly see exactly which resources are being used, how much is in reserve, expected shipment dates, production schedules, and more. All of this data allows for better forecasting and eliminates manual, labor-intensive processes. You can use the system to automate purchase orders and increase productivity.

Choice Organic Teas’ VP of Operations, Ray Lacorte relies on SAP Business One to deliver reliable, accurate and timely information to “make the best possible management decisions”


The ability to view each stage of the production cycle in each department after every step gives you total insight into the process so you can make sure your team is working together at peak efficiency. From initial purchase order to finished goods, barcode scanning and automated production orders allows you to see exactly where a product is in the production cycle at any given moment. Employees can scan a product after each step, resulting in an instant update across the entire system. Bills of materials and engineering change orders can also be automated, so everyone is on the same page.

La Tourangelle can now see all details of their sales and production orders at the click of a button, allowing them to make swift, strategic decisions

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Is your warehouse team mired in tedious, manual cycle counts and exasperating treasure hunts to locate specific items amidst a sea of bins? With increased automation and instant updates, you can locate parts and inventory at warp speed!

Franklin Valve was able to quickly and accurately track parts, bins, and inventory, allowing them to experience over 900% growth in a single year


Manage resources, operations, sales, reporting, and more across all of your warehouse and factory locations, all from a single system. SAP Business One gives you a complete picture of your business operations, so your entire team has a complete and accurate picture of your business operations at any given time.

Winplus cut data consolidation processes by 66%, achieving global transparency across their organization

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With a robust ERP system, data is instantly and accurately incorporated into your financial reports across the business from sales orders, invoices, purchase orders and more. Spend less time on manual data entry and reconciliation with access to instant, accurate information on your costs and revenue.

Easy Foods cut their planning time in half and eliminated costly reporting mistakes