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How Finance Can Prepare for the New Economy

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How Finance Can Prepare for the New Economy

As a finance leader, you have to master the art of managing the unexpected. Constant change is driving a new wave of requirements and regulations that will become a “must-have” for any business. SAP is there for you, transforming its solution suites to cloud-native technology, helping you moving along the winding path of finance transformation. With SAP solutions for finance, you can reduce cost, increase adoption and acceptance of your software, and add new apps and capabilities more easily than ever before. 

As economic realities grow more uncertain and unstable, finance executives are stepping into high-profile roles that go beyond cash-flow management, resource allocation, and risk assessment and mitigation. Now, they’re also managing processes and investments (including digital technologies) that contribute to high-quality experiences for customers and employees.

This same reality is echoed in research from Oxford Economics. However, surveyed finance leaders indicated that two critical obstacles could keep them from being successful:

  • Lack of coordination between different departments
  • Inability to gain insights from data

Find out how your finance organization can overcome these barriers by reading the Oxford Economics report, “The Great Connector: The Finance Function’s Role in Preparing Small and Midsize Organizations for the Next Economy.” The report uncovers valuable insights into challenges, goals, and best practices that can put your midsize business on the right track toward long-term continuity.

“FDA regulatory standards require traceability, which includes not only the components and finished goods, but the ability to audit the entire process from cradle to grave. SAP Business One facilitates all of this, giving us the visibility we need to achieve our rigorous QA standards and meet all FDA guidelines.”

– Justin Ku, Administration & Operations Coordinator, Swabplus

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